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What is Medicare? Is it enough?

Medicare is health insurance for people ages 65 and up, and about 60 million Americans relying on it. It helps pay for basic health care: doctor and hospital visits, x-rays, lab tests, and more.

But a normal Medicare plan, also called Original Medicare or Medicare Parts A and B, comes with out-of-pocket costs and plenty of exclusions. Most people need better health insurance coverage than what Medicare offers.

That’s where Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage plans come in. They plug Medicare’s coverage gaps, giving you better health care at a better price. Nearly one in four Americans on Medicare choose to enhance their coverage with Medicare Supplement.

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Medicare Supplement Plan Types & Benefits

Great news: you have lots of plan options to choose from! Not-so-great news: all those choices means finding the right plan takes some effort.

So which plan is best for you? It depends on your needs. Do you travel a lot? Do you prefer low premiums and higher out of pocket costs? Or vice-versa? Each plan type comes with different pros and cons.

Many Americans are looking to Plan G because of the wide array of benefits and deductible coverage. It is a well-rounded supplemental plan designed to cushion the impact of the gaps left from Original Medicare.

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Medicare Costs & Savings

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